Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why I love my Blackberry

It helps me find food and beer.  Not in that particular order.

I spent the early part of the week on travel to Alameda, California.  On Tues, after a 14 hour workday, a few of us headed out for dinner together.  Being the only person with my keys on me, I drew the short straw and drove.  Seeing as it was Cinqo de Mayo we decided to get some Mexican and decided to go t a smaller, family run restaurant which one the other two guys had been to before, but wasn’t sure the name of.  Following his directions we drove around Alameda for about ten minutes or so, with seemingly no hope of finding the place.  Eventually, he remembered the place was named Acapulco and did a quick Google search on his Verizon Blackberry 8830, and put the address in Google Maps to see our location relative to the restaurant.  Unfortunately Verizon disables the GPS on the 8830 and cell triangulation had us right next to the restaurant, which we weren’t.  The third member of our party had an AT&T Curve 8310, but for some silly reason didn’t have Google Maps installed (for shame).  I pulled over (safety first) and got out my AT&T 8820, loaded up GMaps got a GPS fix, put in the location and found not only were we nowhere near the restaurant on a small island, but were heading the wrong way!   A couple course corrections and a few minutes later, I had a huuuuge burrito and a cerveca in front of me and all was right in the world.