Friday, September 19, 2008

Relief in a Pot

MedicineBack in May after month's of not breathing right, and a wine tasting where I could only judge the wines by body and the four tongue tastes (acidic, sweetness, bitterness, and salty) I finally went to see an allergist. As it turns out, I have asthma, extreme grass pollen and cat allergies, and much lower weed and dust sensitivity. The allergist decided to be "aggressive" in my treatment. Aggressive, apparently meant prescribing nine medications and allergy shots. I threw away the script for eye drops, since I couldn't take them with my contacts, and started on my medicinal journey. About three weeks in, I quickly came to the conclusion that I had no intention to pay the $150 for refills and started scaling back on some of the meds. Lighted PotFor example, Nasonex and Astelin inhalations went from twice a day to once. I also started to resume an activity I started after Christmas and before the grass allergy totally closed my sinuses off: nasal irrigation. That's right, the neti pot. Now your mileage may vary, but for me, I definitely breathe and sleep better on the nights I use the pot.

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