Sunday, March 8, 2009

This is how it should be

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a Philly sports fan. I put the games on my calendar so I know who we play each day, and what time and channel the game is on. I have been using Calendar Updates to download the schedule and manually import it to Outlook, which sync'ed to my Blackberry (or Palm or iPaq in past device times). Ever since Google Sync came out I signed up for gCal and have been syncing calendars wirelessly with my home computer and my BB (wonderful). There are a lot of public calendars on Google so I searched for the 2009 Phightin' Phils sked and found one; nice. I decided to check the Phillies website as well and saw they offered a calendar as well (complete with gCal instructions), so I went with the Phillies version and added it to gCal and set it to sync with my Blackberry. I moved from Google sync for Outlook to SyncMyCal since Google Sync only sync's your primary calendar. Here's the best part: AT THE END OF EACH GAME, THE SCORE IS PUT IN AND IT GETS SENT TO MY CALENDAR. That's right, if I am in meetings and miss a day game, I can just look at my calendar and see who won. If the game time changes, my calendar changes. Awesome! That's how it should be, and I hope the Eagles and Flyers add updating schedule calendars next season.

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