Wednesday, April 28, 2010

E-Book vs Real Book Pricing

By now most people know about the Amazon's change in Kindle e-book pricing.   I'm OK with the price of e-books going up.  I try and keep to an annual book budget, so more expensive books (e or regular) mean less books I can buy.  Since I just finished a book, I started going through my Amazon wishlist and found this book.  Did you see the pricing for different formats in the middle below the ad for one day shipping?  Go back and look, I'll wait... That's right the e-book version costs MORE than a hardcover print.  The version with no physical properties, doesn't take up space, doesn't require a person to put it in a box, or a truck to carry it to me,  costs more.  Plus with the hardcover I can read it and give it to someone else since it doesn't have DRM.  If that's going to continue to be the case, I'll likely buy more regular books vs e-books.

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