Friday, June 25, 2010

Napa 2010 Day 1

Napa 2010 002

Wifey, Pop, Mommy, and I are vacationing in Napa for the week. Today we spent most of the day just getting there. Our non-stop flight on Southwest ended up stopping in Houston, so we spent eight hours on the plane getting here. After a crazy drive out of Oakland on the 880, we arrived at the Napa Valley Marriott (our home for the week), and had a quick lunch in the bar. Every Thursday there is a farmer's market in downtown Napa, and we took a quick stroll through it, then had a great dinner at Bistro Don Giovanni (ask for the fried olives).

Places visited:

Napa Valley Marriott
Napa Chef's Market
Bistro Don Giovanni

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