Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movies in 3D

Wifey and I saw The Green Hornet in 3D last night. I really enjoyed the movie, but I like the comic book/superhero genre too much and am not a good judge. I'm not going to review the movie here but I do want to comment on the 3D aspect. The 3D effects were nice, but, for me, they didn't really add anything to the movie. Seeing the 3D version instead of the regular version did, however, detract from my moviegoing experience. The first problem is the glasses. They are really uncomfortable. I wear contacts because I don't want to wear glasses to see. Wifey wears glasses, so she had two pair on. Uncomfortable! The second, and larger problem for me personally, is that my eyes aren't the same. With contacts on one eye corrects to 20/15 and the other only gets to 20/25. What that means is I primarily see out of one eye. 3D works by using polarizing filtes in the glasses to send a slightly different image to each eye. For me, one of the images was a little blurry, so the 3D effects in the movie seemed OUT OF FOCUS. I'd rather the director/cinematographer use depth of field instead of post processing and gimmicky glasses to enhance their effects.