Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Year, Another Story

A year ago today, I published a post memorializing the one year anniversary of the day we found out Wifey had breast cancer.  About two hours after the post hit the interwebs, I arrived home from work and found Wifey acting a little strange.  She seemed antsy, like something was afoot.  I thought she wanted to go out to dinner and held off going upstairs and changing out of my work clothes.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Just go upstairs," she replied.

"What's going on?"  I stood firm.

"I'm pregnant" 

"........"  (not the reply she expected)

Apparently she left the positive pregnancy test on the bathroom sink for me to find when I went upstairs to change.  So cute.

16 Weeks A year on we now have a beautiful baby girl whom we welcomed into the world on July 5th.  We have been documenting her first year by taking a weekly photo of her next to the same stuffed Snoopy.

I'm not sure what it means that we found out the best an worst things in our lives on the same day, but it seems to balance out and I know which one we will focus on when October 28 comes around next year.

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