Thursday, June 23, 2016

Graduation Day!

We have two more graduates in the family!
Last month Gigi received her Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences from Rutgers University and today MtK graduated from Pre-K and is on her way to kindergarten in the fall. During today's ceremony MtK and her class demonstrated the knowledge they gained over the year by singing their ABC's, the numbers from one to twenty, the Days of the Week, Months of the Year and the Fifty States. You could really see that MtK learned some moves in her dance class too during the songs. She stole the show with her adorableness. After the singing and dancing each kid said what they want to be when the grow up then read a sentence using one of the sight words they learned. We found out that she wants to be a dentist (like Hermie) and "The snack belongs to me". Finally each kid had to walk aross the stage, get their diploma and shake the hands of the two pre-K teachers at the school. MtK did a great job and really enjoyed her graduation.

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